If you have been chosen for a grant as a Moroccan citizen, questions may be addressed directly to MACECE at the following email address: info@macece.ma, or via our contacts page.

  • Does MACECE choose the university I will go to?

After you’re approved for a grant, your file is forwarded to AMIDEAST, which is in charge of finding a suitable ¬†university.

Do mention it in your application and send supporting documentation. However, there is no guarantee that you will
be sent to that university.

  • Does it matter what year I got my undergraduate degree?

For regular Fulbright programs it doesn’t matter what year the degree was received. For other programs, please contact us for detailed information.

  • Does it matter what field my degree or research is in?

Although the US university system is very flexible, you must show that you will be competent in the field you choose to study in if it is different from the degree or research field that you are already in.

MACECE does not give grants to medical, pharmacy or dental school students.

  • What is the amount of the scholarship?

This varies depending on university tuition, airfare and other costs.

  • Can I get a grant even though I am studying in the US now?

Students currently in the US are not eligible for a grant.

The TOEFL is required of all students with a minimum score of 550. The GMAT is required of MBA students (score 550), and the GRE (min overall score 600) of all other students. The tests must not be over 2 years old.

  • Do students who have a degree from Al Akhawayn University or a degree in English have to take the TOEFEL?


  • Can I stay in the US after I’ve completed my degree or research?

In order to receive the grant, you must sign a contract stipulating that you will return to Morocco immediately after you finish your degree/research, and that you must stay in Morocco for at least 2 years.

  • I have a green card. Can I still get the grant?

Green card holders are not eligible for the grant.

  • Who can write the letters of recommendations?

For students, their professors or deans can write their letters of recommendation. For researchers, their colleagues,
professors, deans, or work supervisors. Letters from personal contacts are not admissible.

  • What professional experience is required? (MBA students)

MBA students are required to have a minimum of 1 year of work experience. Internships are not considered work
experience in this case.