Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching

The Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program (DA) gives an ample opportunity to public high school teachers to benefit from a semester long professional development program.  Selected Moroccan teachers will be placed at an American university and will take courses, team-teach, lead classes for U.S. teachers and students in local schools, and engage in other teaching related activities. Participants must also pursue individual inquiry projects.  The designs and proposals for the projects should be included in the application. These projects may focus on such topics as current methodologies for teaching English as a Second Language; or development of a curriculum component that meets a critical need in the candidates home country. The U.S. host university will be responsible for designing specialized orientations and seminars for the teachers and will ensure that each participant has access to a variety of professional development activities. A host university faculty mentor will be assigned to each teacher; the mentor will advise and guide the participant in the refinement and implementation of their capstone projects. The program takes place in the US. from late August to mid-December of the academic year.

The program gives also an opportunity to American teachers to come to Morocco for three to six  months. Like Moroccans, American teachers will audit up to two university classes, observe classes in local schools, engage in teaching activities, and share their expertise with Moroccan teachers and students. U.S. teachers must also compelete a project.

 For more information please contact Program Officer Ahlam Daoudi at a.daoudi@macece.ma

More details about the Fulbright DA Program