Fulbright FLTA program

The Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA)
aims to strengthen Arabic foreign language instruction by establishing a native speaker presence at U.S. educational institutions. Both public and private school teachers can apply for the FLTA Program. Public school teachers must apply through the Ministry of National Education. Private school teachers however, can apply directly to MACECE.

The program enables young educators to improve their teaching  skills by serving as teaching assistants or primary teachers of their native language in an American university. It also allows them to enngage in non-degree studies by taking at least two courses per semester.

In addition to academic benefits, this program also provides both FLTAs and Americans with an opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures and customs, thereby enhancing mutual understanding.

FLTAs are recruited from diverse backgrounds, but are required to have formal academic training, minimum BA (license), and/or professional experience in teaching. Candidates are interviewed and pre-selected by MACECE Selection Committee. Final selection and matching process take place in  the U.S.

In addition to teaching Arabic language, FLTAs may serve as:

  • resource persons in conversation groups
  • cultural representatives
  • attendants in language laboratories
  • guest speakers in civilization courses
  • supervisors of language clubs, houses and tables.

Each host institution tailors the assistantship to its language teaching needs.

Conditions of Eligibility:

  • Moroccan citizenship;
  • Minimum of one year of teaching experience for private school teachers or English-teacher training;
  • Bachelor degree (Licence) or its equivalent;
  • Minimum score of 80 internet based TOEFL-IBT;
  • Commitment to return to Morocco upon completion of the program.

The program is open for both public and private school teachers. Public school teachers, however, must apply through the Ministry of National Education which puts forward some further requirements.

 How to apply?

Applicants from private sector who meet the conditions of eligibility can apply online: Link will be provided when the competition is open.

Required documents:

• Certified copies of academic documents (Transcripts + Diploma);
Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by complete and certified English translations.
• Three Letters of Reference which should be written by teachers under whom you have studied or pursued research or by someone who has supervised you in work;
The letters of reference should be written in English, otherwise, they should be accompanied by accurate translations.
• Applicants must provide letter(s) or certificate(s) from the school(s) where they teach or had taught to prove they have teaching experience;
• A recent passport size photo of the applicant;
• Copy of the passport, if available.

Applicants should send those document to Program Officer Ahlam Daoudi <a.daoudi@macece.ma> or <ahlamfulbright@gmail.com> and should also upload them to their online application. A hard copy of the documents should also be submitted either in person or  be sent to the following address:

Ahlam Daoudi
7, rue d’Agadir
Rabat 10010

Applications are due : Will be announced on due time

Important note on plagiarism:

Applicants are asked to produce their own answers while writing the essays and responding to the application questions. Please be aware that plagiarism is not tolerated and applicants who plagiarize are disqualified and won’t be able to re-apply in the future. If you like someone else’s words or writing and you want to use it in your answers or essays, please use quotations and cite the source. Failing in using quotes and citing the source is considered a literary theft and stealing some else’s ideas and production.